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    The Enjoyment of Working on Passion Projects

    The Enjoyment of Working on Passion Projects

    Coming to the realization that side projects need to be passion driven. Otherwise you run the risk of burn out.

    Getting Excited About Learning Again

    Getting Excited About Learning Again

    I was a “B” student in school. I listened in class and put in enough effort to get the grades I needed, but I never put in the work outside of class to master the material and rise to the perfection of an “A” student. For a long time I felt the resentment to put in the effort was the result of the subject matter, but I recently experienced these feelings again and convinced me that there was a different reason all along. After closing out Synotate and feeling a bit burnt out from working on te..

    Sharing Failure

    "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill In my previous post, I briefly wrote about coming to terms with startup failure and moving forward. Today, I would like to share what it was like to share that failure. Failure brings out one of the worst emotional states in you, which is being embarrassed. This feeling is never welcomed and one that can drastically impact a psyche. I certainly had this emotional state after admitting defeat..

    Admitting Failure

    After close to seven months of working on Synotate [] I am shutting the product down and going back to the drawing board. Admitting defeat is never easy and my decision to shut the product down is a difficult one I have made, but I have come to terms with this failure and have grown to appreciate every step of the journey. The development of Synotate forced me to learn new skills, navigate legal requirements for operating a business and face new challenges. This personal ..

    Early Stage Perception vs Reality

    Before I launched Synotate I dreamt that it would be a home run right out of the gate. I blindly led myself to believe that the problems faced by myself and other marketers would be solved by the product I worked on for two years, but I was wrong. “Reality hit me fast” is the best way to summarize the four months since releasing the product to the public. The product has not been an immediate success, but I’m not by any means disappointed by the progress I have made and I want to share the impor..

    Development Cost Expectations for Launching a Technology Startup

    Starting a technology business is more capital intensive than most might be led to believe. While it is true that a business can be started with as little as a free Wordpress website, most business ideas have a unique product ideas that go beyond the functionality that a basic content management system (CMS) like Wordpress can provide. Due to these functionality requirements, free or low-cost app/website building options are not feasible to succeed and the only option entrepreneurs have is to bu..

    Not Having Customers Sucks, But Feedback is Key

    I am coming up on a month since launching Synotate [] and while I have my first non-paying customer, whom I work for, and one sign up that was from a forum feedback post, I do not have a single paying customer. It is definitely disheartening to be in this, actually, it sucks, but my feelings are the result of g..

    Just Launch It

    Anyone who has been obsessed with launching a startup has come across content that emphasizes the importance of shipping a product as soon as you can. It is the product of the popular Lean Startup movement called minimal viable product (MVP) and makes complete sense because if the concept doesn’t sell to customers with a bare bones solution, then how will a well developed product fair better? I believe in this concept, but as an entrepreneur, how do you know when your product meets the minimal v..

    What I Have Been Working On - Synotate

    What I Have Been Working On - Synotate

    Two years ago an idea popped into my mind to solve a daily data analysis problem that I faced. It seemed like in every meeting I attended, a question was asked about historical data trends that no one could answer on the spot and attendees would end with an action item to answer the questions mentioned. This action item required individual team members to pull the historical data points, re-analyze the trend and hopefully have notes on what changes were made during that time to be able to come t..