Common Misrepresentations of Percentages

The basic concept of percentages is taught and typically mastered at a young age, but from time to time I find percentages being misused and misinterpreted within the business environment. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of doing such a thing in the past (nothing to be ashamed of!), but because I don’t have the luxury to incorrectly use percentages in my line of work, the precision I have developed over time has led me to become more aware of common percentage mistakes in articles and reports that I have read. This heightened awareness

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Named Range: The Spreadsheet Timesaver

The Named range feature found in both Excel and Google Sheet gives the user the ability to name a range of cells with a label that is more memorable than the built in spreadsheet range format of “Sheet!ColumnRow:ColumnRow” (e.g. ‘Excel - Test - One’!A15:AF255’). While there are a few Excel wizards out there that have the ability to interpret the built in reporting format without switching sheets or scanning cells, the majority of users will most likely find this memorization difficult and there is absolutely no shame in that. Named ranges removes these requirements with

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Start Storing your Google Webmasters Search Traffic Data!

Google Webmasters (formerly Webmaster Tools) is the only one tool available that can provide you with detailed information about your organic Google search query traffic. It is often overlooked by many due to its small brand presence and limited reporting functionality, but what many are missing out on by not using the platform are its actionable insights that can help develop stronger organic strategies and better understand consumer search trends. In an area of marketing that is shrouded in such mystery like organic traffic, data like this is hard to come by and extremely valuable in building a digital presence

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Using MJML's <mj-include>

Familiar with MJML? If you are not familiar, then check out my [tutorial on coding responsive emails with MJML]( before you read below. I have praised MJML in the past and I will do it again. I have yet to find a better responsive email framework and cannot even begin to count the numbers of hours that I have saved by using this platform when creating newsletters. The list of reasons why I enjoy using the platform grows with each release, but one reason in particular stands out from the rest and

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IMPORTRANGE() - Google Sheets Most Powerful Function

An underused feature of Google Sheets that I find to be a major reason to use the software over excel (yes I said it) is the IMPORTRANGE() Function. It is a function that doesn’t exist in other spreadsheet platforms and is specifically tied to the collaborative cloud-based capabilities that Google Sheets has to offer. Pass a Google Sheet Url ID and a specific range within that sheet to the function and next thing you know, the content of those cells appear in your current sheet...Wow, how amazing, right? Probably not spectacular or useful at first, but when you

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Connor Phillips

Senior Marketing Analyst


Connor Phillips is a Senior Marketing Analyst located in New York City. He enjoys digging into data and making data-driven marketing decisions. In his spare time he bartends, works on coding and loves to run.