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Just Launch It

Anyone who has been obsessed with launching a startup has come across content that emphasizes the importance of shipping a product as soon as you can. It is the product of the popular Lean Startup movement called minimal viable product (MVP) and makes complete sense because if the concept doesn’

What I Have Been Working On - Synotate

Two years ago an idea popped into my mind to solve a daily data analysis problem that I faced. It seemed like in every meeting I attended, a question was asked about historical data trends that no one could answer on the spot and attendees would end with an action

Common Misrepresentations of Percentages

The basic concept of percentages is taught and typically mastered at a young age, but from time to time I find percentages being misused and misinterpreted within the business environment. I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of doing such a thing in the past (nothing