Not Having Customers Sucks, But Feedback is Key

04/10/2019 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

I am coming up on a month since launching Synotate and while I have my first non-paying customer, whom I work for, and one sign up that was from a forum feedback post, I do not have a single paying customer. It is definitely disheartening to be in this, actually, it sucks, but my feelings are the result of getting caught up in technology publication headlines. Stories of scrappy teams raising money and receiving organic reach every company wishes for, but I now realize that their path is very much different than my own and I have finally come to terms with that.

My path is a slow, building process and scale will only be possible if the foundation is in place. I purposely did a slow public roll out to audiences in my target market so I wouldn’t launch with a broken and confusing product that would discourage initial visitors from returning. I targeted certain channels and asked for people to rip my product a part without any hard feelings.

The feedback has been great and points to the reasons why I’m currently seeing tumbleweeds in my analytics reports. I now have perspective customer guidance on what issues to tackle and I feel like as I launch to more audiences with a refined product I will start to see paying customers and improve the probability of retaining those customers than if I launched guns blazing and lost that initial audience

Having no customers sucks, but at this point in my products life, the feedback has been more valuable than anything I could have asked for.

If you haven’t checked out Synotate yet, then please take a look, sign up for a free trial (no credit card required) and send any feedback my way with, connor [at]

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