5 AdWords Tips for Beginners

Starting a new AdWords account can be a very daunting task. Foreign concepts and metrics like keyword match types and quality score are not very intuitive to users who are new to digital marketing, making it is very easy to make mistakes and waste money in a short period of time. In a quest to help prevent costly mistakes right from the gate, I have thrown together five important tips for new users to watch for as they navigate through their account creation. 1. Structure is Key AdWords, like any bid-based advertising platform requires a lot of maintenance to limit

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10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks for Marketers

A platform that is frequently used by every marketer is Microsoft Excel. This platform is helpful to marketers in a variety of ways with the core purpose of pairing up and analyzing data points from various analytics and marketing platforms. It is an extremely powerful tool and tends to be the most utilized platform for daily data analysis work. With the amount of analysis that is done within Excel, you would think that the majority of marketers would learn keyboard shortcuts and tricks to reduce their manual work, but surprisingly enough, only a small subset of users ever use these

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Introduction to Web Scraping for Marketers

Over the span of just a few years the digital marketing landscape has evolved into a data-crazed world filled with programmatic marketing products that are aimed at mining data and making bid adjustments based on real time cost-benefit analysis. With the advent of this type of software, businesses have flocked to purchase these solutions in order to reap the exponential lifts that the platforms promise. In some instances these decisions turn out to be a slam dunk, while in other instances the results have zero impact on marketing performance and the marketing teams are forced to develop an in-house solution.

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Essential Content Marketing Metrics and Dimensions

A big component of successful marketing in 2016 is having a good content strategy in place. Content strategy is the key to acquiring free users through organic search engine rankings, which is a crucial element of keeping acquisition costs down. We would all enjoy a scenario where we avoid using our checkbooks to acquire users by focusing only on driving organic channel traffic, but in reality it is not as easy as it sounds. As search engine technology has evolved into a generation filled with machine learning search algorithms it has become increasingly difficult to rank organically without publishing content

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Solutions to Common Campaign Tracking Issues

Custom campaign tracking (or utm tracking), is Google Analytics' URL tagging system that allows collected data to be properly labeled for custom reporting needs. It has been a foundational element of Google Analytics since the purchase of Urchin Software Corporation and is the only way for marketers to reliably tag their custom marketing campaigns. The process of tagging a custom marketing campaign is a fairly simple task, requiring a marketer to append a short query string parameter at the end of a URL path, but is a process that many marketers botch without knowing that an issue is ever present.

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Connor Phillips

Senior Marketing Analyst


Connor Phillips is a Senior Marketing Analyst located in New York City. He enjoys digging into data and making data-driven marketing decisions. In his spare time he bartends, works on coding and loves to run.