Marketing Analytics leader with a decade of startup and agency experience helping B2C and B2B businesses with their mobile app and web-based products.

I have led a wide range of marketing analytics initiatives including measurement, strategy, data architecture, and forecasting for both mobile and web-based products.

Currently, I lead the US Analytics team at the growth marketing agency, Twigeo, working with growth-focused clients ranging in industries from ride share to language learning.

Prior to Twigeo, I helped establish and lead marketing and sales analytics at ShopKeep, which was acquired by Lightspeed Commerce (NYSE: LSPD) in 2020.

Outside of my passion for all things data, I am an avid runner, photographer and love working on side projects to learn new software development languages.

Experience Highlights

  • Helped establish and lead Marketing & Sales Analytics for ShopKeep to its EBITDA positive year in the decade of the business being in operation
  • Designed and executed various tests (GeoX, Conversion Lift, etc.) to prove the incrementality of marketing campaigns.
  • Developed analytics solutions like a proprietary lead scoring algorithm and multi-touch attribution model using platforms including Postgresql, Looker, Google Tag Manager, and Salesforce.
  • Developed ML models for purposes like time series forecasting and customer segmentation
  • Programmed an internal data annotation tracking solution to track and understand trends in reports