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Elastic Beanstalk - Ebextension Reverse Proxy Server Configuration

| 3 min read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk software is a massive help for developers looking to launch and scale servers without having to touch the server infrastructure. This benefit has been the reason why I have used it for multiple projects, but whenever I have needed to re-configure the server for


Automatically Deleting Old Emails in Gmail

| 5 min read

Our life runs on email and depending on the state of our inbox, life can be good or bad. If you achieve inbox zero with ease, then congrats, you are in the 1% of people who can sleep well at night knowing they are on top of their tasks and


Using MJML's <mj-include>

| 3 min read

Familiar with MJML? If you are not familiar, then check out my [tutorial on coding responsive emails with MJML]( before you read below. I have praised MJML in the past and I will do it again. I have yet to find a


Creating Responsive Newsletters with the MJML Email Framework

| 7 min read

The process of coding email newsletters sucks! You are forced to use web 1.0 code and have to abide by various platform and device standards. It isn’t a pretty process and definitely a time consuming task, but thankfully, there are groups of programmers who put in a lot


Introduction to Web Scraping for Marketers

| 6 min read

Over the span of just a few years the digital marketing landscape has evolved into a data-crazed world filled with programmatic marketing products that are aimed at mining data and making bid adjustments based on real time cost-benefit analysis. With the advent of this type of software, businesses have flocked