Sharing Failure

09/04/2019 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

In my previous post, I briefly wrote about coming to terms with startup failure and moving forward. Today, I would like to share what it was like to share that failure. Failure brings out one of the worst emotional states in you, which is being embarrassed. This feeling is never welcomed and one that can drastically impact a psyche.

I certainly had this emotional state after admitting defeat with my product and dreaded the days that it would arise in a conversation. I wish I could have pulled back the announcement on social media and the conversations pitching the idea to friends, but what I was soon to learn, as the first awkward discussions occurred is that no one cared about the outcome. They were impressed and supportive about trying to do it at all. It wasn’t until the moments after I swallowed my pride and used the word “failure” that I was filled with a sense of relief and appreciated the kind words of appreciation and motivation.

After a few conversations discussing my failure, I found it as easy to share it, as I was originally pitching the ideas to friends and family. This experience taught me an important lesson that I will carry with me when future failures occur. Remember that everyone has been there before and what you are trying to do with your entrepreneurial pursuits is commendable and brave.

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