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Start Storing your Google Webmasters Search Traffic Data!

| 3 min read

Google Webmasters [] (formerly Webmaster Tools) is the only one tool available that can provide you with detailed information about your organic Google search query traffic. It is often overlooked by many due to its small brand presence and limited reporting functionality, but what many are

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Why You Shouldn't Use Medium for Your Company's Blog

| 3 min read

Medium has long been considered a leader in community-driven content management systems (CMS). Bloggers and publishers first flocked to the platform for its community-focus and minimal-design approach and now businesses have followed suit with the hope that they can leverage the blogger community to grow their brand exposure. Unfortunately, using

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5-Step Organic Growth Framework

| 7 min read

When it comes to growing organic traffic, many people tend to run before they can walk. They read growth stories about silver bullets that returned 10x growth overnight and try mimic those success stories. What those stories don't tell you is that there was a lot of trial and error

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3-Step Content Development Framework for SEO

| 5 min read

Developing content with the purpose of growing an organic audience is something that is a lot more complex than simply publishing 1,000 words on a specific subject matter. There are no guarantees that you will be awarded a first page or top five ranking with an approach like this


Data Analysis for Copywriters

| 6 min read

Data Analysis for Copywriters [//] from Connor Phillips [//] Slide 3 * Why Does Data Matter? * Importance * Content * Data to Observe * Acquisition Data * Pageview Data * Dimensions/Metrics of Interest * SEO (Search Engine Optimization) * Data to Observe * Keyword Rankings * Backlink Data * Dimensions/Metrics of Interest

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Basic SEO Checklist

| 2 min read

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is an online traffic process that provides organic visibility to a website. Where and how you rank on search engines are based on individual search engine algorithms, which serve the purpose of matching what a user is looking for with the most relevant content possible.