5 AdWords Tips for Beginners

Starting a new AdWords account can be a very daunting task. Foreign concepts and metrics like keyword match types and quality score are not very intuitive to users who are new to digital marketing, making it is very easy to make mistakes and waste money in a short period of time. In a quest to help prevent costly mistakes right from the gate, I have thrown together five important tips for new users to watch for as they navigate through their account creation. 1. Structure is Key AdWords, like any bid-based advertising platform requires a lot of maintenance to limit

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What to Consider When Conducting Paid Search Marketing Analysis

Auction-based keyword advertising, or paid search marketing, is a type of advertising that operates in a similar manner to a traditional auction, with users bidding for a top position, but also contains a technical component that makes the process more than a factor of investment. Users make a maximum bid for a specific keyword or keyword phrase and the winner is the one who has the best balance between their willingness to pay for the top position and supplying content that is deemed relevant by a quality score algorithm. This balance between investment and relevancy makes this type of advertising

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Data Analysis for Copywriters

Data Analysis for Copywriters from Connor Phillips Slide 3 Why Does Data Matter? Importance Content Data to Observe Acquisition Data Pageview Data Dimensions/Metrics of Interest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Data to Observe Keyword Rankings Backlink Data Dimensions/Metrics of Interest SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Data to Observe Acquisition Data Quality Score Ranking Dimensions/Metrics of Interest Key Takeaways Slide 4 Why Does Data Matter? Importance Improves Decision Making Accuracy The power of data analysis is that it improves the probability of making successful decisions by examining historical evidence. This evidence comes in the form of quantitative and qualitative data.

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Google Shopping Ranking Factors

Google Shopping is quickly becoming the go-to search engine for product searches and comparison-shopping. It is a powerful tool that not only creates an additional e-commerce platform for e-commerce websites, but also allows brick and mortar stores the ability to create an online presence for their products. (Google Trends: Jan. 2011 - April 2014) As you can see from this graph, the interest in the search engine has increased at an impressive rate and has encouraged businesses, both small and large, to publish and advertise their products on Google Shopping. As a result, this has made the search engine a

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Google AdWords: Competitors Ads are Appearing for My Keywords

This is an extremely broad question that has been asked by our newest clients on numerous occasions. It is easy to provide multiple factors that could be causing this situation to occur, but when talking to a client, its tough to provide them with a multiple factor answer instead of a clear-cut solution to the problem. This issue could be caused by various factors such as not bidding enough on relevant keywords or not running enough relevant keywords to be matched up with the search query, but in my experience I have found that this issue always has to do

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Connor Phillips

Senior Marketing Analyst


Connor Phillips is a Senior Marketing Analyst located in New York City. He enjoys digging into data and making data-driven marketing decisions. In his spare time he bartends, works on coding and loves to run.