Creating a Day Index in Excel and Google Sheets

A fun challenge that I faced a few days was creating a weekday/weekend day index in Google sheets to count and index the number of weekdays/weekends in a month. This might sound like something easily achieved by placing a static value next to the date based on the preceding index value and day of the week, but the more this process has to be replicated, the more boring and tedious the task will become. This process is simply not for me as I hate manual excel work. As a result, I decided to take some additional time to

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10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks for Marketers

A platform that is frequently used by every marketer is Microsoft Excel. This platform is helpful to marketers in a variety of ways with the core purpose of pairing up and analyzing data points from various analytics and marketing platforms. It is an extremely powerful tool and tends to be the most utilized platform for daily data analysis work. With the amount of analysis that is done within Excel, you would think that the majority of marketers would learn keyboard shortcuts and tricks to reduce their manual work, but surprisingly enough, only a small subset of users ever use these

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Syncing Google Sheets Data to Excel

Google Sheets is a popular collaborative spreadsheet platform that has become a legitimate threat to Microsoft Excel’s market share over the past few years. Part of the reason why the platform has made such an unprecedented rise in a short period of time is because of its cloud-first product approach and functionality that nearly mimics Microsoft Excel. Formula names are identical, visualizations and pivot tables are possible, and programming for the platform in JavaScript makes it a breeze for developers (Note: New versions of Excel support programming in JavaScript). These product features, in addition to the fact that it

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Connor Phillips

Senior Marketing Analyst


Connor Phillips is a Senior Marketing Analyst located in New York City. He enjoys digging into data and making data-driven marketing decisions. In his spare time he bartends, works on coding and loves to run.