30 Day Paleo Challenge Results

My 30 (technically 31) Day Paleo Challenge is finally over and I ended up losing seven pounds while improving my five-mile and kettlebell circuit time. While I didn’t end up achieving my weight loss goal of 12 lbs, I still feel a lot leaner than I did before and could honestly care less about the result. Many factors could have contributed to the reason that I missed my mark like exhaustion from work (missed a few runs/workouts) and extended cheat days on the weekend, but I won’t justify these excuses. I could have easily controlled what I

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30 Day Paleo Challenge (Update 1)

30 Day Paleo Challenge (Start): Last week I made the jump into the real world and I have been busy getting caught up to speed at my new position so I forgot to post about my 30 Day Paleo Challenge progress. Today was my first weigh-in after I started The Paleo Diet on July 1st and I have dropped 4.5lbs.  I'm a little off of my pace, but part of the reason could be the two and a half cheat days I had last week because of the holiday. This definitely set me back a lot, but I'm making

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30 Day Paleo Challenge

Today I’m starting my second 30 Day Paleo Challenge. For anyone who is not familiar with The Paleo Diet, or “caveman diet” as it is commonly known, it is “the world’s healthiest diet, based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is the one to which we are genetically adapted.” (thepaleodiet.com) The diet was created by Dr. Loren Cordain and has been featured on many news outlets, including Dr. Oz. While the description might sound like any other diet fad out there, I can tell you from experience that it works. At school, I had the

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