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Named Range: The Spreadsheet Timesaver

| 3 min read

The Named range feature found in both Excel and Google Sheet gives the user the ability to name a range of cells with a label that is more memorable than the built in spreadsheet range format of “Sheet!ColumnRow:ColumnRow” (e.g. ‘Excel - Test - One’!A15:AF255’). While


Better Data Reporting Practices - Benchmarks, Cell References, Notes

| 3 min read

A continuation of part one, [Better Data Reporting Practices - Gridless, Grouping, Layout Direction](http://www.connordphillips.com/2017/02/08/better-data-reporting-practices-gridless-grouping-layout-direction/). Use Benchmarks This tip should be a given, but if you are not comparing your performance against some historical time series or relevant benchmark metric, then there will


Better Data Reporting Practices - Gridless, Grouping, Layout Direction

| 5 min read

One of the most overlooked elements of reporting is data presentation. It is an afterthought compared to core reporting elements like data compilation and analysis largely due to its focus on aesthetics rather than computation. This focus may seem irrelevant to the general purpose of a report, which is to


10 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks for Marketers

| 3 min read

A platform that is frequently used by every marketer is Microsoft Excel. This platform is helpful to marketers in a variety of ways with the core purpose of pairing up and analyzing data points from various analytics and marketing platforms. It is an extremely powerful tool and tends to be