Google Tag Manager Event Listeners: How to Debug (Part Two)

In the first installment of this two part series, we created our first Google Tag Manager event listener to track all outbound link clicks. In part two, we are going to test this setup and make sure that our trigger logic fires tags with the correct outbound link information. Preview and Debug mode To kick off this process, enter Preview and Debug mode. Preview and Debug mode is Google Tag Manager's default testing console that tracks all on-page events and the tags, triggers and variables that are being triggered with each event. Brief interruption: For information on this tool, as

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Google Tag Manager Event Listeners: How to Implement (Part One)

A powerful feature of Google Tag Manager is the platforms ability to create event listeners that collects data on user interactions without the need for code. Never has something sounded so sweet to developers than the idea that data tracking is possible without ever touching the codebase. In the following two part guide, I will dive into detail about creating and testing event listeners for the purpose of reducing development hours and code bloat. Brief Note on Changes in Google Tag Manager (Version 2) A lot has changed with creating event listeners since version one of Google Tag Manager. In

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Google Analytics Event Tracking Guide

Note: This guide is for the Asynchronous version of Google Analytics and should not be used with other versions. This means that the code and methods outlined in this post will not work with the recently out-of-beta Universal Analytics version. Universal Analytics uses completely different JavaScript code and methods. Event Tracking Event tracking is a powerful Google Analytics feature that allows users to track website elements that would otherwise not be tracked with the basic Google Analytics code implementation. These types of web elements are found on almost every website that you visit daily and surprisingly, are rarely tracked by

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