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Why You Shouldn't Use Medium for Your Company's Blog

| 3 min read

Medium has long been considered a leader in community-driven content management systems (CMS). Bloggers and publishers first flocked to the platform for its community-focus and minimal-design approach and now businesses have followed suit with the hope that they can leverage the blogger community to grow their brand exposure. Unfortunately, using

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3-Step Content Development Framework for SEO

| 5 min read

Developing content with the purpose of growing an organic audience is something that is a lot more complex than simply publishing 1,000 words on a specific subject matter. There are no guarantees that you will be awarded a first page or top five ranking with an approach like this


Data Analysis for Copywriters

| 6 min read

Data Analysis for Copywriters [//] from Connor Phillips [//] Slide 3 * Why Does Data Matter? * Importance * Content * Data to Observe * Acquisition Data * Pageview Data * Dimensions/Metrics of Interest * SEO (Search Engine Optimization) * Data to Observe * Keyword Rankings * Backlink Data * Dimensions/Metrics of Interest


Essential Content Marketing Metrics and Dimensions

| 4 min read

A big component of successful marketing in 2016 is having a good content strategy in place. Content strategy is the key to acquiring free users through organic search engine rankings, which is a crucial element of keeping acquisition costs down. We would all enjoy a scenario where we avoid using