30 day paleo challenge

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30 Day Paleo Challenge Results

| 2 min read

My 30 (technically 31) Day Paleo Challenge is finally over and I ended up losing seven pounds while improving my five-mile and kettlebell circuit time. While I didn’t end up achieving my weight loss goal of 12 lbs, I still feel a lot leaner than I did before and


30 Day Paleo Challenge (Update 1)

| 1 min read

30 Day Paleo Challenge (Start): Last week I made the jump into the real world and I have been busy getting caught up to speed at my new position so I forgot to post about my 30 Day Paleo Challenge progress. Today was my first weigh-in after I started The


30 Day Paleo Challenge

| 3 min read

Today I’m starting my second 30 Day Paleo Challenge. For anyone who is not familiar with The Paleo Diet [http://thepaleodiet.com], or “caveman diet” as it is commonly known, it is “the world’s healthiest diet, based upon the fundamental concept that the optimal diet is the one