Linking Data Between Google Sheets

04/28/2020 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

There is a special function that is unique to Google Sheets that provides users with the ability to import ranges from other Google Sheets that the user has been granted access too. This function can prove to be extremely helpful in cases where you keep raw data in a separate sheet from your data analysis or are extending a Google Sheet due to cell limitations.

To use this function you must use the following format:

=IMPORTRANGE("*Google Sheet URL or ID*", "*Range or Named Range*")

The Sheet URL can be in full URL format or just the ID. Both formats are acceptable

Full URL:


A few common uses for this function are:

  • Creating your own internal BI tool by linking together Google Sheets containing individual data sets
  • By passing slow Google Sheet processing for heavier sheets by transforming and processing data in a separate sheet
  • Aggregation of data from data dumps without corrupting the raw data file

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