Essential Content Marketing Metrics and Dimensions

A big component of successful marketing in 2016 is having a good content strategy in place. Content strategy is the key to acquiring free users through organic search engine rankings, which is a crucial element of keeping acquisition costs down. We would all enjoy a scenario where we avoid using our checkbooks to acquire users by focusing only on driving organic channel traffic, but in reality it is not as easy as it sounds. As search engine technology has evolved into a generation filled with machine learning search algorithms it has become increasingly difficult to rank organically without publishing content

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Stop Conducting Single Metric Data Analysis

Running a business day in and day out is a lot of work. Each day poses a new challenge and decisions have to be made in order for the business to generate revenue and remain operational. When one part of the business veers off course everyone feels the impact and the question that appears is how was this change discovered and measured? Was it discovered from analyzing a single primary KPI metric like revenue? Or was it from careful analysis of underlying metrics that were used to determine revenue that pinpointed areas where performance has slowed? During my time working

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Connor Phillips

Senior Marketing Analyst


Connor Phillips is a Senior Marketing Analyst located in New York City. He enjoys digging into data and making data-driven marketing decisions. In his spare time he bartends, works on coding and loves to run.